​environmental and resource management

I have taken this philosophy literally (well I have tried) throughout my working and personal life.  Out of Aristotle’s wisdom come the words ethics, empathy and logic.  Through these, along with the Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy – basically, energy can neither be created nor destroyed), my life and career has been shaped.

Straight out of conservative boarding school, I headed to Hawkesbury Ag College in New South Wales for an ‘education’.  I had studied Ag at school and our family had a hobby farm complete with ‘Marcus’ the bull so I knew what farming was all about…..

This ‘education’ enabled me to spend the first 16 years of my working life in various agricultural pursuits - and even a stint at certified organic farming - which gave me a great grounding in the value of resources, and a connection to all things natural.  This connection was enhanced when I dusted off my mother’s Permaculture books and embarked on a diverse education in growing things (some holistic personal growth here too) in the early nineties.  I had already taken issue with the contradictions of ‘traditional agriculture’ and moved on, so the next natural step was to undertake a Permaculture Design Certificate course which was held on the far south coast of NSW.   After an enlightening week or so I came back to reality ready to change the world.  In the Margaret Mead tradition, I worked on self first.  This move led to some personal disruption and a new direction away from agriculture.

Hawkesbury had afforded an education in ‘praxis’  – practical application of learning.  After my Permaculture development, I went back to Hawkesbury (then University of Western Sydney and now Western Sydney University) for a second dose of practical learning.   As a fresh new post graduate, I had the opportunity to divert from ‘growing things’ to ‘saving things’ in the local government ‘waste’ industry.  The cycles of nature are not that different from the cycles of good business - connected and 'organic'.

From my father came a social consciousness and a desire to work in groups for the greater good.  This has manifested (principally) through the following organisations:

  • The Alpine/Aylmerton Landcare Group
  • Bowral Water Polo (Southern Highlands Water Polo)
  • Climate Action Now! Wingecarribee
  • The Community Recycling Network of Australia
  • The Illawarra Waste Recovery Social Enterprise Group

This community service has enabled me to work and learn from a broad range of like minded people with common ethical and social conscience.  Living in the Southern Highlands of NSW for most of my life affords me the opportunity to continue my local community pursuits with many exciting projects in the pipeline.

Miles Lochhead

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The image on the right was created by a work colleague and depicts balance and ancient philosophical precepts.

See below how Ethos, Pathos and Logos (read integrity) thread through my thinking and work.

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