​environmental and resource management


waste reduction and resource management

What I Do


  • waste reduction and recycling projects
  • energy efficiency
  • carbon management
  • renewable energy projects
  • grant applications
  • planning and strategy development
  • environmental management and compliance
  • sustainable food growing (plants/soils/nutrients/water)
  • system design to maximize efficiency (built and natural)
  • packaging to minimise waste 
  • sustainable purchasing practices
  • training on the environment and sustainability
  • community and social enterprise projects
  • project management for sustainability initiatives 
  • efficiency and conservation analysis
  • environmental impact assessment
  • certification (AS/NZS / ISO)
  • sustainability assessment

grow things

food / water / permaculture / agriculture

systems & change management

certification AS/NZS / ISO

Throughout my working life I have made connections to a broad range of colleagues and associates, if what you need is not listed above, there is a good chance i will be able to connect you with the right people to assist with your project.

I also work in partnership with consulting firms ​Ingenuity SolutionsCPE Associates and Jackson Environment and Planning where required.

In my ideal 'stasis' world, I desire to work with people and organisations who are on a change journey and who relate to the many 'R' words which are the theme of my work.  I firmly believe that understanding and practicing energy/sustainable resource management (albeit in a 21st Century anthropocentric context) will lead to a better world.  Are you in?

Please contact me for further information.

Energy & waste auditing

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social enterprise

support / systems / services / grants

With over 35 years experience in the agricultural, waste & resource recovery industries, let me guide you on your sustainability journey.​